Our programs and services

Listening, helping relationship, advocacy and referrals

Our organization provides support to families by making several types of interventions, including meetings with CIUSSS-CHUS stakeholders: social workers, specialized educators and occasional representatives of the Youth Centre or Public Curators.

We also receive phone calls from parents, community members who either need listening, information, guidance, support or referrals for their children/users. Often families come to us when they are struggling or are waiting for services. In addition, when renewing memberships, we take the time to know the needs of our families and to adapt accordingly. Each participant has a sheet to complete that draws up their general picture and several authorisation forms are to be completed by the person in charge.

Theme nights and conferences

Supporting members by providing them with information in different themes and forms is also part of the organization’s mission.

A new monthly project close to our hearts is our “Café rencontre”. It is a time of exchange and sharing that will allow to equip certain families, exchange tips, create friendships and develop a network of respite between some parents. A first meeting was scheduled for Thursday, March 19, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this meeting was postponed to a later date, to be determined when the time came.

In addition, we share important information, training, events and conferences provided to us by other organizations in our region in order to share it with our members.


2019-2020: We have made a new document: “Autism Awareness.” This document is simple, clear with images and examples. Topics covered: evaluation, need for support, manifestations, understanding of verbal language, non-verbal, second-degree expressions, interests, stereotyping, external stimuli and various tools that help the autistic person in his or her daily life. We have also attached a list of useful links and references. This document was presented at each of our kiosks:

  • April, Autism Month: until 2009, APPHBM joins Massey-Vanier High School for none awareness activities: chess tournament, sensory room, classroom presentation on integration, explanation of the difference in functioning between the brains of neurotypical people and those with autism spectrum disorder.
  • Ville de Cowansville « La plage en fête » Kiosk
  • Kiosk at Cowansville City Public Market
  • School tour: Massey-Vanier (French/English), Ste-Thérèse, Cowansville Heroes, école polyvalente JJB in Farnham.

Awareness is important to the organization, both in terms of intellectual disability and autism. That’s why we offer social activities in the majority of our programs to raise awareness among the general public.